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The HEATOX Project

The HEATOX Project was funded by the European Union to investigate Heat-generated Food Toxicants, the focus being Identification, Characterisation and Risk Minimisation of these toxicants.You can find more about the project in the following press release:

HEATOX project completed – brings new pieces to the Acrylamide Puzzle (36 kb pdf file)

As a result of the project, Final Report was also published, sumarised in the Final Leaflet.

Some of the deliverables of the project were:

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Toxins Hidden in Cooked Foods

Cooking tends to destroy a lot of the nutritive value of the food we eat. However, another aspect, and one which less people are aware of, is the toxins (including carcinogens) that exist when food is heated past a certain temperature over time.

Some of the toxic substances are as follows:

  • Acrylamide – a carcinogen found in cigarettes, coffee, potato, bread products, baked/fried food
  • Nitrates, Nitrites, HCAs and PAHs
  • Advanced Glycation End product (AGEs)
  • Oxidized Unsaturated Oils

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