Fruits and berries that are good to eat with seeds

  • 23.08.2019
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There are too many misconceptions about eating seeds of berries and fruits, scientists say. In fact, not all fruit bones are harmful to the body, often it is just useful to use them together with the pulp and peel. Experts have compiled a list of berries and fruits, the seeds of which have many useful functions.

As scientists have proved, in some bones there are many vitamins and other beneficial substances that are beneficial for the body. Will have to change their habits and there are fruits in a new way:


Try to buy varieties in which there are few seeds, and so, stop doing it. For many, it will be a revelation that lemon or lime seeds can be a substitute for aspirin and help with headaches. This is explained by the presence of salicylic acid in their composition, so if you get a headache, bite a couple of seeds and the problem will go away.


Buy seedless olives, then know that you are depriving yourself of an excellent choleretic agent that positively affects the activity of the entire digestive system. In addition, olive bones are considered good sorbents that cleanse the body of toxins.


There are people who refuse pomegranate due to the presence of small bones, while others simply spit them out. Scientists have proven that the seeds contain many polyphenols and tannins, which are important for heart health and cancer treatment.


The properties of cornel seeds are very similar to olive, but they are also used in folk medicine to treat hemorrhoids. To do this, you need to eat 15 fruits during the week without spitting out the seeds.


People can be divided into those who eat grapes and spit out seeds, and those who do not. The pulp contains a large amount of resveratrol, a substance that helps in the fight against cancer, strengthens the work of the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. So, it is worth knowing that even more of this compound is in the bones.

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