How to choose a company to install a water filter

  • 28.06.2019
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Stationary cleaning systems installed in urban reservoirs are designed for “coarse” water treatment, but are not capable of eliminating pathogenic microbes and bacteria. In this case, the water filter is an indispensable accessory. The device is capable of purifying water not only from microscopic debris, but also from impurities of heavy metals, lime. In addition, drainpipes also tend to be covered with bloom from the inside, which with the flow of water comes to us “on the table.”

An inexperienced user can easily get lost in the abundance of offers that are on the market today. After all, not only is there a lot of manufacturers, each filter also has its own peculiarity. You can find one popular example here Therefore, in order to facilitate the selection, consider in detail three main selection criteria: the type of filter to be installed; manufacturing firm; choice of device model.

Modern models of flow-through filters carry out the purification of passing water in several stages. As a rule, the process consists of passing three or four modules, each of which affects the quality of the water produced. The main argument in favor of buying a flow filter for water under the sink is the ability to independently change the complete set of cartridges and thus regulate the degree and quality of cleaning. Such filtering allows not only cleaning from mechanical impurities, but also eliminating particles of chlorine along with the corresponding odor, and eliminating unsafe microorganisms that can harm human health.

Ask your chosen company what kind of filter at this or that filter and multi-level purification allows you to save water from pesticides, heavy metal salts and even oil products, if any.

Is it possible to regulate it by installing cartridges of various types? 

  • Cartridges for water purification only from mechanical impurities; universal, which are suitable for ordinary water supplied through the mains. They are fairly well cleaned of all the most common impurities; 
  • cartridges for cleaning very hard water; providing water purification, which is characterized by an excessive amount of metallic impurities; 
  • antibacterial, allowing the destruction of microorganisms that can live in water, including various viruses, bacteria and cysts.

Given the variety of options that are on sale, pick up and install the appropriate labor cartridges will not be enough. And although in the future they will require regular replacement, which will entail additional costs, you will be able to protect and provide yourself with clean and high-quality water. Identify exactly what threats can be in the water, can only expertise. To do this, you must take the sample for analysis, then wait for the results, and only then begin to select the appropriate cartridges.

It is important to know about the type of systems where the principle of reverse osmosis is used in the work

Externally, these filters resemble conventional sorption devices, but they have a significant difference: several additional nodes that provide better cleaning. By themselves, they represent the plastic container inside which the cartridge is located, but together they constitute a complex cleaning system. A mandatory component is a module equipped with a reverse osmotic membrane, which provides ultra-thin water purification. The advantages of reverse osmosis filters for cleaning water under the sink include: a high level of purification from various mechanical impurities; high-quality purification from various organic compounds, hydrocarbons, chlorine and salts of heavy metals due to the presence of coal sorbent; possibility of water purification from iron impurities. It’s also very important to choose good company that will install filter for you.