Online casino bonuses

  • 27.06.2019
  • by heatox

Every person who has ever encountered online casinos, certainly noticed that many sites attract attention with the help of bonuses. They

Toxins Hidden in Cooked Foods

  • 27.06.2016
  • by heatox

Cooking tends to destroy a lot of the nutritive value of the food we eat. However, another aspect, and one which less people are aware of,

The HEATOX Project

  • 09.08.2014
  • by heatox

The HEATOX Project was funded by the European Union to investigate Heat-generated Food Toxicants, the focus being Identification,

HEATOX Project Historical News Archive

  • 15.06.2014
  • by heatox

Press release: HEATOX project completed – brings new pieces to the Acrylamide Puzzle »Acrylamid in Lebensmitteln – Ändert