Relationship Development

  • 08.10.2020
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Sometimes in life there comes a moment when we meet a person through dating in Salt Lake City, get acquainted, fall in love, start a relationship. At this time, the world seems so sweet and carefree that we do not want to change anything. But after a while, the relationship spoils, there comes a crisis. Not everybody is worried about it, many people have to break it off, such a pleasant relationship. How not to reach the break-up phase, how to keep good relations with a good person?

Relationship development: from acquaintance to breakup

  • The first stage is acquaintance. Everything is clear here, so let’s move on.
  • The second stage is getting used to. At this stage, the relationship goes up, the partners get to know each other better and better. They are getting closer, you may say. It is at this stage that love and all the positive emotions associated with it happen.
  • At the third stage of relationship development, there will be waiting; waiting, in which direction the relationship will move. When everything is so smooth, it seems that it will always be so that the partner will be beautiful. But in reality, something like stagnation happens. Nothing seems to be falling, but there’s no climbing either. The uniform behavior, no matter how good it is, sooner or later gets tired.
  • That is why in such situations, the development of relations moves to the fourth stage – the stage of disappointment. It is during this period, one or two partners realize that their expectations have not been met, that things cannot go on forever, and they begin to tolerate the relationship.
  • How long they can do this depends on the specific people. But the fact is that even the greatest patience comes to an end, and the relationship comes to the final fifth phase – the final breakup. Many people start looking again for a warm relationship on the Des Moines singles site.

Under such a scenario, the vast majority of relationships develop. Naturally, you may ask: what about those couples who have successfully reached not only the first anniversary of the wedding, but also coped with the gold. There is an exception to each rule. Perhaps the partners unknowingly followed the recipes for preserving the relationship, which will be described further, maybe the phase of disappointment lasted so long that people have already got used to each other and connected with some more than just love or friendship, became really two halves. But, unfortunately, such cases are quite rare. Why is there a rupture?

At the very beginning of acquaintance, one of the partners behaves better than he can. Yes, efforts are made to present themselves in a better light. This approach is not bad for one or two meetings, when you are not going to develop a long-term relationship. Then, after the breakup, you will be remembered for what it was like to have a first impression. But if the relationship is not limited to two meetings, will you manage to keep the brand for months?

So how do you keep the relationship?

How to achieve this? We offer a universal method for all types of relationships and a very effective one. It is called a pendulum “Closer-Distant”. Look, there are couples who constantly argue, but time passes and they reconcile. And they live like this for years. And there are those who lived soul to soul, but clap – some event happened and a powerful conflict broke the old idyll. In the first case, the pendulum “Closer-Distant” constantly swings, only strengthening the relationship. A quarrel-world, closer and farther. Do you catch the connection? In the second case, the pendulum stood on one side and let go sharply, the weak relations were shattered. Externally, fragile relations turn out to be stronger than ideal ones. Unbelievable, but it is the truth of life.