Sports pharmacology

  • 24.07.2020
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How do you choose steroids? Quality steroids from DrugStore are used by athletes all over the planet, as they are an excellent tool to improve endurance, strength and powerful. At the same time, experienced bodybuilders remind you that steroids are not a universal remedy. That’s why you should consult with athletes you know or your doctor before buying steroids, and follow the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Athletes can be classified into one of two categories. The former successfully uses products that only benefit them and help them achieve new results during training. The second category is represented by those who encounter difficulties in using pharmacology for athletes. It is the representatives of the second category who usually face side effects from taking medication. What are the reasons for two groups of shoppers?

Steroid pharma

Gene polymorphism of androgen receptors. Since steroids are very successful, the study of their effects on the body was initiated quite a long time ago. Some specialists made important conclusions, which are actively used by all representatives of bodybuilders community. Whatever drugs a customer decides to get, their active components necessarily interact with androgenic receptors. They are located throughout the body and will determine how effectively steroids are transferred by the patient. When buying steroids, it is important to consider the following information – the more androgenic receptors an athlete has, the better his body will tolerate the chosen course, whose effectiveness will increase significantly. If the opposite is the case, it is likely that side effects will occur.

Another important factor that affects drug tolerability is metabolic processes in the body. Metabolism is called the destruction of the components of a drug with the formation of new compounds. So steroid pharma testosterone group can be converted into estrogen. The faster decomposition occurs, the more rapid the aromatization process begins. The increase in estrogen levels in the body leads to various unpleasant consequences for men, including gynecomastia.

Buying anabolics

When deciding to buy anabolics, you should use only products of well-known companies, which will increase safety and get more significant results as a result of taking the drug. The number of repetitions in each person’s genes is different. On average, they vary between 5-39 repetitions. If their number is less than 23, this sequence is considered short, and if the number of repetitions is more than 23, it indicates a high repetition. If the cycle is short, the body shows a higher susceptibility to anabolic drugs. The probability of side effects is significantly reduced. For a detailed consultation to help you make the right decision, please refer to this website.

The length of the receptor can be determined by each athlete. It is enough to remember whether the skin was problematic as a teenager, or the number of pimples was minimal. People with problematic skin usually report a short repetition, and the absence of acne and acne indicates a high repetition. You can buy anabolic steroids on the Internet, which contains the best drugs from around the world, successfully tested in leading laboratories. It should be added that the androgenic receptor is a stable criterion that does not change over time. You can buy steroids and see for yourself that they are highly effective.